Delicious organic juices, always and everywhere

The new ‘fair to go’ juices from Voelkel fit in almost any pocket, do not weigh much and are fairly produced. They are a small breakfast or ideal snack in a handy 0.25 litre glass bottle with a screw cap (no deposit). Six new recipes create a new appetite for drinking juice.

‘fair to go’ – means:

1. Responsibility for people and nature
At Voelkel, responsibility for people and nature means long-term thought processes and sustainable actions. We therefore use raw materials from organic and biodynamic farming in our original natural juices. As such, we can guarantee the top quality of our products and freedom from genetic engineering and additives. Our responsibility also involves social responsibility and a partnership with the Plan children’s charity as well as supporting young people in training and education. You can show your support with the new ‘fair to go’ juices from Voelkel.

2. We know our farming partners
We can guarantee the greatest possible transparency about the product origins and processing of our raw materials thanks to our personal and trusting collaboration with our suppliers. Personal relationships with our farmers and long-term contracts with fair conditions enable us to purchase high quality, ecologically-friendly raw materials. You can support us in this with every ‘fair to go’ product you buy.

3. Voelkel juices are more than just organic
Organic products are a matter of trust as well as quality. We take the confidence placed in us as producers of natural juices very seriously. In addition to manufacturing high quality organic juices, we are also constantly exchanging ideas with the industry and members of the Demeter and Bioland farming associations. And as the producer of ‘fair to go’, we support fair trade and fair economic management. We are therefore highly committed to the BioFair association. Products bearing this quality seal have been produced in accordance with the specifications of organic farming associations – quality, transparency, regionality and sustainability. And this applies to ‘fair to go’ too.